Feature ArticlesPhoto courtesy of Carol Verhake

The following feature articles have been published in past HPS/MAG newsletters. 

HPS/MAG adheres to one-time use; all other rights are retained by the author. 

Contributing Authors 

Baccari, Fran Italian Lake District Tales of Enchantment

Ball, Liz and Ray, Rick  Selecting Trees for your Garden Landscape

Bitner, Richard L.  Growing Conifers while Coping with Deer

Bobb, Jim  Where Are the Bees?

Bobb, Jim and Malish, Penelope  Hidden Treasures HPS Open Gardens

Bowell, Michael  Four Season Container Gardening

Bowell, Michael  Roses as Hardy Plants

Bowell, Michael Managing Hydrangeas in the Delaware Valley

Bunting, Andrew  Magnolias for the Delaware Valley

Bunting, Andrew Plant Hunting in Asia

Clark, Louise Small-scale Green Roofs

Cowie, Denise  Three Members, Three Passions

Cresson, Charles  Cotoneaster salicifolius 'Henryi'

Culp, David  Old and New Favorites at Brandywine Cottage

Demme, Laura  Team Gardening

Elliott, Judith and McShane, Nadeen A Cape Cod Adventure

Fitts, Beverly  Meadows Large and Small

Fitts, Beverly   Three Little Known Native Composites

Fornari, C.L.  Happy Wanderers Falling for Verbascums

Glick, Barry Indian Love Story

Green, Sylvia Focus on Dahlias

Harper, Pamela  Native Nuisances and Native Treasures

Hendricks, Dale  Permaculture and Horticulture: Gardening with the Future in Mind

Hsu, Eric  Stalking the Light

Jennings, Tim  The Nearing Frame

Kidd, Charlotte The Power of Seed

Kristoph, Steven Our Prized Native Azaleas

Levine, Adam  Gardening Partners

Levine, Adam and Fugazzotto, Paul  Green City, Clean Waters

Monheim, Eva A Passion For Shrubs

Monheim, Eva Color - A Study for the Fall Garden

Monshaw, Harriett  Cold-Hardy Camellias - Gardening on the Esoteric Edge

Novelli, Phran  A Seed of an Idea and How it Grew

Piatt, Victor  Creating a Scree Garden

Pinkham, Linda  Our Garden of Weedin'...I Mean Eden

Priebe, Mark  Conifers for Winter Color in the Landscape

Radell, Marc  Gardening for Songbirds

Randolph, Rita  Fall and Winter Containers

Rein, William H Focus on Araucariaceae

Rhoads, Nicole Juday Knowing and Growing Old Roses

Richardson, Sharon PawPaws America's Largest Native Fruit

Roeller, Brad  Recommendations for Protecting Plants from Deer Browsing

Shaw, Jill  Forest Bathing

Sheridan, Moira  Frog Hollow Adieu - A Legendary Garden Closes

Sheridan, Moira  Metal & Magic - Harmony in the Garden

Simcoe, Gerald A Group of Poculiform Snowdrops Discovered Near Allentown 

Smith, James Travelogue Scottish Border Gardens

Swift, Dorothy  Lobelia Cardinalis - Hummingbird Magnet

Tallamy, Doug  Gardening for Life

Tickner, Eleanor  The Evolution of My Peony Gardens

Tiffany, Barbara  Hunting the Wild Galanthus in the Republic of Georgia

Walker, Carolyn  Confessions of a Galanthophile

Wattles, Elizabeth (Neil)  Three Apples in The Honorable John Jay's Eyes

Witten, Jane and Detering, Marty  Here We Go Again! HPS Takes on Newport, RI

Wright, Jonathan  Late Arrivals

Wright, Jonathan  Smooth Sailing: Rethinking succession plantings and plant combinations for smooth transition from spring into summer